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The Covid-19 Codspur

Indispensable SURVIVAL GEAR!!! Available for a short time at this unbelievably low price...

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This is the Covid-19 Codspur (C-19-C). This handy device is the proven contagion version of the fallout shelter for a man’s most precious objects. If you’re interested in your family’s survival, and that of your nation, you can’t go past the C-19-C at a mere $395. [The Surgeon-General recommends using the C-19-C in conjunction with regular hand-washing, masks, eye protection, social distancing, and good nutrition. Available in XL, ladies, and infant sizes, and in a range of smart pastel colours].

(A good example of duping people during Covid-19, and enticing them to believe what they want to believe, are the various remedies being touted as prophylactics against the virus and G5, which seem to have become conflated. I know of a Byron Bay household that has purchased a $15,000 immune-system-boosting machine, and magic blankets that are said to protect them against G5 tower virus-generating radioactive vibes).

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